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Adam Pollack is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer
Less than 1% of all criminal defense attorneys are board certified. A board certified attorney is considered to be an expert in their designated field of expertise.

Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation in Orlando, Florida

Have you or somebody you care deeply about been arrested?

Are you facing criminal charges in and around Orlando? Perhaps you suspect you are being investigated by law enforcement for criminal activity. Either way, your first order of business should be to exercise your constitutional rights by retaining the services of a legal professional, preferably one who is experienced and committed to defending your case. At my law firm, you will find an Orlando criminal defense lawyer who is a seasoned criminal trial lawyer dedicated to defending clients in all types of criminal cases, from murder to drug charges to DUI and other misdemeanors.

I am a Board-Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer. This means that I have attained the highest level of recognition available from the Florida Bar and I am considered a Specialist or Expert in this field of practice. Not many Florida attorneys can make this claim. In fact, less than one percent of Florida attorneys achieve this distinction. Only after extensive peer review, continuing legal education, written examination, and sufficient experience in their practice area, are such attorneys qualified. This program was created to recognize members such as myself who have demonstrated a superior level of experience and expertise. If you are facing criminal charges involving serious consequences, shouldn’t you have a Criminal Trial Specialist representing you in court? After all, the government has its experts on its side, you should have one on your side.

Our Legal Services

At my firm, I offer a free consultation in which you can get your questions answered and get the legal advice you need to understand the legal aspects of your case and to get started with your defense. My office is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and I offer reasonable fees and payment plans.

I am qualified to represent you on all types misdemeanor and felony charges, including assault and battery, drug crimes, DUI and BUI, murder, internet crimes, sex offenses, violent crimes, weapons charges, bad checks, theft, fraud, domestic violence crimes, all federal offenses, and more. Whatever charges you are facing, I urge you to contact me to find out how I can help you fight them, minimize the consequences, or negotiate reduced charges or, in some cases, dismissals.

I also handle other special criminal matters, such as appeals, bond hearings, forfeiture proceedings, sentence modifications, probation violations, and sealing of criminal records.

A Dedicated Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

I believe that there is no greater honor or responsibility than defending the rights of people who trust me with their property, future, freedom and, in some cases, with their life. I constantly keep myself apprised of the latest changes in the law and I am committed to maintaining an open line of communication with you as my client. My firm stands ready to zealously defend and counsel you in any criminal case and I will make a committed and diligent effort to achieve the most favorable case results possible.

Contact the Orlando criminal defense lawyer at our firm for exceptional legal assistance in any criminal case today.


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